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The Nike Ordem Match Ball

Everton A.F.C. V Midleton

The Nike Ordem match ball for this game was kindly sponsored by Betfair. Click on the "the Betfair" logo at the end of this article to learn more about our sponsor.

This match ball was introduced for purchase in December 2013 and it was made available to Nike sponsored Federations for International friendly games in early 2014 and it is the current match ball in all Premier League Fixtures. It is designed to offer optimal touch, unprecented flight control and maximum visibility with Nike RaDar technology to help to see the ball quicker. The surface of the ball is debossed with grooves which are engineered to grip and produce a more consistent ball flight.

This was our first time using a Nike football in competitive games. Up to now we have used either Mitre, Umbro or Adidas match footballs. It is a pity that Adidas has The World Cup contract until 2030, I believe, because this football is by far the best football that we have ever used.  FIFA should determine who makes the The World Cup football by quality and if they followed that criteria Nike footballs would be used in not only The Premier League but also all International matches.

Our players loved the softer feel and touch of The Nike ordem. Our players & our goalkeeper liked the ease of handling and also the consistent flight of the ball. Would we use Nike Ordem again ? Yes Yes Yes.



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