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Welcome to EvertonAFC.com

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Welcome to the official website of Everton AFC football club. We are an amateur football club based based in Togher, Cork City. The club has grown from strength to strength since its formation and now boasts one of the largest club memberships in the county.

This website has been designed to provide as much information as possible on events within Everton AFC both on and off the pitch. Feel free to browse through our website and be sure to visit our Facebook page. If you have any old Everton memorabilia which you think would be useful for the website forward them to us and we can see if we can accommodate them on our website. We are always keen to share past Everton photos and articles with others.




                                                        Q.1; Group A Winner ?    Brazil  (3 points)

                                                        Q.2; Group A Runner Up ?    Mexico  (3 points)

                                                        Q.3; Group B Winner ?    Netherlands.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.4; Group B Runner Up ?    Chile.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.5; Group C Winner ?    Colombia.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.6; Group C Runner Up ?    Greece.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.7; Group D Winner ?    Costa Rica.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.8; Group D Runner Up ?    Uruguay.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.9; Group E Winner ?    France.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.10; Group E Runner Up ?    Switzerland.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.11; Group F Winner ?    Argentina.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.12; Group F Runner Up ?    Nigeria.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.13; Group G Winner ?    Germany.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.14; Group G Runner Up ?    USA.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.15; Group H Winner ?    Belgium.  (3 points)

                                                        Q.16; Group H Runner Up ?    Algeria.  (3 points)


                                             Q.17; Predict the score Spain V Australia ?  3-0.  (5 points)

                                             Q.18; Predict the score Argentina V Iran ?  1-0.  (5 points)


          Q.19; How many goals will England score in Group D ?  2 goals.  (5 points)

          Q.20; How far will England go in The World Cup ? Group Stage.  (5 points


          Q.21; How many penalties will be awarded in The World Cup ?  13   (5 points)

          Q.22; How many Red Cards will be given in The World Cup ?  10   (5 points)

          Q.23; Which country will score the most goals ?  Germany    (6 points)

          Q.24; Which country will score the least amount of goals ? Cameroon, Honduras or Iran. (6 points)


          Q.25; Which country will win THE WORLD CUP in 2014 ?  GERMANY    (10 points)


                                             BOBBY LYNCH  c/o Paul Lynch   with      57 points


Eddie McCarthy  51 points

Donal Linehan    48 points

Wayne Cooper    48 points

Martin O'Regan  47 points

Billy Murphy       45 points


Vincent Murphy  42 points

Paul Martin          42 points


Austin O'Connor  41 points 

Gavin O'Sullivan  41 points

Leo Gimblett        41 points


Keith Shaw          40 points

James Fielding     40 points

John O'Callaghan 40 points

Richie O'Regan     40 points

Ger Maher             40 points

Alan O'Riordan     40 points

Jack O'Sullivan     40 points


Paul McGrath        38 points

Dean Winters        38 points

Jason Dunphy       38 points

Mary Stanton        38 points

Clare Greene         38 points

John Roycroft       38 points

   Ken Howick          38 points  


 Barry Kelly            37 points 

Dan Donovan        37 points

Dermot Crowley   37 points

Kieran Kerrigan    37 points

Tom Bowe             37 points

 Olin Myers             37 points 

Thank you for your support



It is Everton club policy that our dressing rooms are locked during matches and even so players are advised for their own peace of mind NOT to leave any personal belongings i.e. wallets, jewellery,mobile phones etc in ANY dressing room, home or away, during a match or training.

Everton A.F.C are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents parked in Everton Park. Video surveillance is in use in Everton Park.

Philip O'Sullivan , Chairman

Alan O'riordan

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